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  • When Should I Take The Test and Which Test Should I Take?
    MTTC publishes "Score Report Dates" for their computer-based testing. If you would like to be able to apply for your certification prior to a date certain, it is important to test prior to one of the score report dates. Also, when you register, it is important to know the test code for your desired test(s). Click the buttons below for a list of the published Score Report Dates and a list of MTTC Test Codes and Names. List of Score Report Test Dates MTTC Test Codes and Names
  • Testing Requirements
    You can be admitted to the #T.E.A.C.H. program prior to passing the MTTC. However, you must pass the test in your desired endorsement area(s) in order to receive your Interim Certification. Costs of these tests are not included in the program fee. The MTTC assessments and the tests are computer or paper based. You must use your social security number with all MTTC Exams in order to process your teacher certification paperwork. If you test in Michigan, all scores will automatically be sent to the Michigan Department of Education.
  • Elementary-Level Certification
    Candidates for an elementary-level teaching certificate must pass the Elementary Education test. Candidates who want to teach specific subject areas in grades 6–8 must also pass the corresponding subject-area tests in order to qualify for the endorsements.
  • Secondary-Level Certification
    Candidates for secondary-level teaching certificates must pass the corresponding subject-area test for each subject area in which they are to be certified. Candidates seeking certification in more than one field of study must take the MTTC subject-area test for each field. ​ If you are a Michigan student seeking certification for the first time, the required subject-area test is the one that corresponds to your major or minor field of study in an approved teacher preparation program. Subject-area tests correspond to teaching certificate endorsements; it is important to verify with your advisor the endorsement or endorsements that your institution will approve on your behalf and take the appropriate MTTC tests. If you are already certified to teach in Michigan and are seeking an additional endorsement, you must take the subject-area test that corresponds to the endorsement you are seeking.
  • Requirements for Out-of-State Teacher Candidates
    Click for information on Out-of-State Teacher Candidates
  • Requirements for Out-of-Country Teacher Candidates
    Click here for information for Out-of-Country Teacher Candidates
  • Additional Endorsement Applicants
    Since September 1, 1993, it has been a requirement that a person holding a Michigan teaching certificate who applies for an elementary-level certificate or for additional endorsements must pass the appropriate tests to become certified. ​ NOTE: Schools want flexibility which means teachers should consider becoming qualified to teach more than one subject. You will not be able to add subjects after your Interim Teaching certificate has been issued. Visit the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification site for more information and to sign up for your tests.
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