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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

It's easy! All you need to do is complete our online application by going to and clicking the yellow "Apply Today" button or you can go to

During the application process, you will be asked to submit your resume, provide proof that you have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution and a 2.95 g.p.a. or higher (Note: Options are available for GPA's lower than 2.95. Schedule a call with an admissions advisor for details). Once you are admitted, you will be required to pay the one-time enrollment fee of $275 and select a payment plan and you will then be able to begin your coursework!

To schedule a call with admissions CLICK HERE or go to:

Can I meet the teaching time requirements if I teach online?

It is certainly permissible for a teacher in an online school to enroll in an alternative route program for an additional endorsement, as well as a non-certified individual enrolled in an alternative route program to be placed in an online school. Your observations would have to be more portfolio based: samples of units and lessons designed and delivered by you the teacher, and of student work and feedback provided by the teacher to show impact on student learning. You will be required to supplement online teaching in the new endorsement area with some face-to-face teaching in that field in a partner school.

My degree is not in education, can I still apply to your program?

You are not limited by your degree! You can teach in any area as long as you pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in that area. So, if you want to teach elementary, you simply take and pass the elementary test. If you want to teach science, you simply take that test and pass. It's that simple!

What if I want to get certified in ESL, World Language or Bilingual Education?

For ESL endorsements, candidates must:

  1. Pass the MTTC in ESL and

  2. Qualify for an endorsement in a core content area (Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, English, Elementary Education. Click Here for a list of the subjects under each content area)

For World Language endorsements, candidates must:

  1. Pass the MTTC for the language they are seeking and

  2. Earn an Advanced Low or better on the OPI for French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish or

  3. Earn an Intermediate High or better on the OPI for Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese

  4. A candidate seeking a World Language endorsement for K-8 only must also qualify for an Elementary Education endorsement. This is not necessary for someone seeking a World Language endorsement with K-12 or 6-12 grade ranges.

This requirement is detailed in the teacher preparation standards for World Language endorsement areas ( and applies whether a candidate is pursuing a traditional or an alternative route.

For Bilingual Education endorsements, candidates must:

  1. Pass the MTTC in Bilingual Education (there is only one, regardless of the language of endorsement) and

  2. Earn an Advanced Low or better on the OPI (this is required regardless of the language of endorsement) and

  3. Qualify for an endorsement in a core content area (Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, English, Elementary Education. Click Here for a list of the subjects under each content area)

This requirement is detailed in the teacher prep standards for Bilingual Education endorsements

Please go to to register for the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) by Language Testing International.

What if I want to teach American Sign Language?

The ASL endorsement (FS) is available for interim certificates even without an MTTC. In lieu of an MTTC, candidates must demonstrate ASL proficiency to earn the FS endorsement. CLICK HERE for more information on the ASL endorsement or go to:

Can I teach ESL with a Bilingual Education Endorsement?

Yes, a teacher with a bilingual education endorsement in any language may be placed in an ESL classroom. This is unpacked in a little more detail in the introductory remarks to the Bilingual Education teacher preparation standards, at (see page 7)

What if I want to teach Special Education or Early Childhood Education?

Unfortunately, alternative certification programs in Michigan are not allowed to certify in early childhood or special education.

To be clear, we are not able to certify in the following areas:

  • Anishinaabemowin (FN)
  • Early Childhood Pk-General
  • Special Education (ZS)
  • Library Media (ND)
  • Reading Specialist (BR)
  • Any program designated as “Special Education” in the “Classification” column (endorsement codes starting with S)
  • Any program with “Vocational” in its name (endorsement codes starting with V)

However, you would be able to get certified in any other area. Please go to this link to see the areas that we certify in

What if I want to teach theater?

The first step is to simply complete our online application. There you will be able to upload your resume, transcripts, etc.

According to MDE, “a specific endorsement is not needed to teach a course called “Theater/ Performance.” School districts are free to assign any teacher who provides evidence of professional development related to theater and holds a certificate for the grade level at which the course is offered.” Therefore, you can get certified in any secondary area and be able to teach that subject as well as theater/performance.

What if I am a Canadian Applicant?

Canadian applicants can apply for an interim certificate as if they are Michigan residents if you are from certain provinces.

To get a Michigan Standard certificate based on completion of a Canadian teacher preparation program, it depends on which province you’re coming from. MDE is able to accept transcripts from Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador. If you completed a program in a different province, you have to follow the out-of-country applicant guidance.

Can you help me with visa issues?

We do not have any guidance documents on work visas. However, I recommend contacting the Michigan Office for New Americans ( or the U.S. Department of State ( for guidance on employment regulations.

Can I receive credit for prior coursework?

Yes! We offer credit for your prior college of education coursework! If you have taken courses in a college of education, you can request that we conduct a course waiver analysis. We will grant you credit for courses that match our course content. Please note that we will only grant credit for courses that were taken at a regionally accredited College of Education.

Do I need a teachable major?

Unlike most colleges of education that require a "teachable major", with alternative certification your degree can be in any area! Passing the MTTC test is proof of your content knowledge in the testing area. Once you pass the test, our job is to train you in the Pedagogy or “The Art of Teaching”.

Do I need to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) prior to admission?

You are not required to pass the MTTC prior to admission. You can be admitted and enrolled in our courses while you prepare for the MTTC. However, you are required to pass it prior to receiving your interim certification.

If I pass the MTTC, why do I need to take the courses?

It is required by state law. Knowing the content and being able to teach the content are two different things. The coursework is designed to teach you "how to teach".

What if my degree is from out of the country?

The first step is to have a course-by-course evaluation from one of three evaluation services with which the Michigan Department of Education collaborates (World Education Services, Inc., International Education Research Foundation, Inc. and Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.). The evaluation report produced by these evaluation services determine whether the out-of-country degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited North American university.

Are your courses content specific?

The way alternative certification works is that you show evidence of your content knowledge by passing the MTTC. As an alternative certification provider, our job is to train you how to teach the content effectively. As such, our courses focus on the "Art of Teaching" not specific content.

Do you offer financial aid?

#TEACH is not a college and therefore cannot offer federal student aid. However, we do have two financing options and several payment plans. We also offer a payment in full discount. To learn more about our payment options go to

Can I obtain certification in more than one area?

The short answer is yes! You can get certified in as many areas as you desire. However, you have to complete all desired MTTC tests at the beginning of the program prior to applying for your certification. The rule here is to plan effectively!! Once your certification is processed, you will have to accumulate three years of teaching in your area(s) of certification before you can add more endorsements.

Also, when you get certified in two or more areas, you are required to teach full time in each certified area for at least 12 weeks over the 3 years of the program. For more information, please review our document of Teaching Time Requirements by CLICKING HERE or by pasting this link into your web browser

I took my MTTC several years ago, can I just send you those scores?

MTTC Scores are good for five years. If the scores are older than five years old at the time of your application, you will have to retake the test(s).

I took the Michigan Test of Basic Skills some years ago, is this what you mean by MTTC?

No, the Michigan Test of Basic Skills is no longer administered in Michigan. You must pass a MTTC content area test in order to enroll in #TEACH.

How much does it cost?

If this will be your first time obtaining a certification (Initial Certification), the base cost of the program for is $6,200 which includes an enrollment fee is $275 and a program fee is $5,925. However, if you are applying for an Additional Endorsement you will receive a $1,000 discount. Also, if you have taken courses in a college of education, you may qualify for some courses to be waived which will also reduce your overall program cost. Fees can be paid using our 15-month no-interest payment option, paid in full, or paid in full using one of our two financing options. Please go to for more information.

When can I apply to your program?

Our admissions process is on a rolling basis, so you can apply at any time. CLICK HERE to apply today!!

Can I add an endorsement if I am already certified?

Yes! You can absolutely obtain an additional certification via #T.E.A.C.H. Like other candidates, you must submit your resume and proof of a bachelor’s degree or higher and a 2.95 GPA . Also, as an additional endorsement candidate, you get the added benefit of $1,000 discount and we will give you credit for your prior college of education coursework that aligns with our courses.

How many credits is your program?

Our program is hours based. Our Elementary and Secondary programs are 369 hours. This is the equivalent of 14.76 credit hours. Our K-12 certification program is 445 hours which is the equivalent of 17.80 credit hours. On our course list you will see the number of hours required for each course. Please be reminded that these are actual hours and not credit hours. For example, if you see 10 hours next to a course, it means that if you sit down for 10 straight hours, you should be able to complete the course and all required assignments.

Do you assist with job placement?

On our website, employers are able to post jobs free of charge! Please go to to search available job postings.

Do you offer assistance with MTTC Test Preparation?

On our website under the "Testing & Certification" tab, you can access links to study guides, practice tests, and other prep material. We also have a relationship with ExamEdge to offer full length practice tests in most areas! Go to for more information.

How do I register to take the MTTC?

On our website just click the red "MTTC Registration" button in the header. You will be able to register for the test, pay the test fee, search for testing sites near you and much more! Go to for more information.