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Welcome to our Partner District/Employers Page! As a Partner District, you will receive special invitations to professional development offerings, job fairs and hiring events in advance of the general public and other districts. Also,  in addition to our free job postings, as a partner district, you will have access to our list of available candidates! Also, your district will have the ability to schedule digital interviews with candidates that can be shared directly with you and your team! Many employers use the candidate digital interviews as a replacement for first round interviews. 


The Digital Interview consists of a series of questions from the following categories: 


  • Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

  • Technology Integration

  • Grading and Assessment

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Instructional Effectiveness

  • Classroom Management

  • Teacher-Student Relationships

  • Teacher Collaboration

  • Continuous Professional Growth

  • Parent Communication & Involvement

  • Student Engagement


The digital interview system is loaded with our research based question sets. However, if you have your own questions, we can load them into our system and create personalized digital interviews for your selected candidates. In either case, you and your interview committee members are able to view the digital interviews at any time using a computer, tablet or mobile device. What’s more, rather than being forced to view the entire interview to get to a specific question, you can click and view the responses to each individual question.  


However, if you prefer to engage the candidate in a traditional “In Person 1st Interview”, feel free to contact them directly as we only include candidates on our list that have given us approval in include them. As such, you should keep in mind that the candidates on our list may not be an exhaustive list, but rather, a represents those candidates that have approved us to share their information.  If you are unable to find a candidate that meets your needs, please let us know as many candidates are willing to allow us to share their profiles on a "by request only" basis. To request "by request only" profiles, please contact us at

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