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Education concept_ Asian school boy learns to speak different languages in a classroom
Children at physical education lesson in school gym
Multi-Ethnic Group of Children and English Concept
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Group Of Pupils With Teacher Using Microscopes In Science Class



Click here to see what subjects you can teach with the endorsements below!


Elementary (K-5, K-8) All Subjects 

  • Elementary K-5 All Subjects (K-8 All Subjects In Self-Contained Classroom) (ZG) [Elementary, Secondary]

Language Arts 

  • Language Arts (BX)   [Elementary] **

  • English (BA)   [Secondary]

  • Speech (BD)   [Secondary]

  • Reading (BT)   [Elementary, Secondary]

  • English As A Second Language (NS)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]  ***


  • Library Media (ND)   [K-12] ****


  • Mathematics (EX)   [Elementary **, Secondary]


  • Biology (DA)   [Secondary]

  • Chemistry (DC)   [Secondary]

  • Physics (DE)   [Secondary]

  • Earth/Space Science (DH)  [Secondary]

  • Integrated Science (DI)   [Elementary ** , Secondary]

  • Physical Science (DP)   [Secondary]

Social Studies ​

  • Economics (CA)   [Secondary]

  • Geography (CB)   [Secondary]

  • History (CC)   [Secondary]

  • Political Science (CD)   [Secondary]

  • Psychology (CE) [Secondary]

  • Social Studies (RX) {Elementary **, Secondary]


  • Music Education (JQ)   [K12]

  • Visual Arts Education (LQ)   [K12]

Health & Physical Education 

  • Health & Physical Education (MC) [K12]

  • Health (MA)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary] 

  • Physical Education (MB)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

    • NOTE: The MA and MB endorsement areas will be discontinued as of 10/31/2023)​

Agricultural Education  

  • Agriscience & Natural Resources (HX)   [Secondary]

Technology Education 

  • Industrial And Technology Education (TE)   [Secondary]

World Languages (See note on World Languages below)

  • French (FA)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • German (FB)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Greek (FC)  [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Latin (FD)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Spanish (FF)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Italian (FH)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Hebrew (FJ)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Arabic (Modern Standard) (FK)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Japanese (FL)  [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • Chinese (Mandarin) (FR)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • World Language-Other (FG)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

  • American Sign Language (FS)   [Elementary, K12, Secondary]

Bilingual Education (See note on Bilingual below)

  • Bilingual Arabic (YK)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Chaldean (YP)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Chinese (YR)  [K12] 

  • Bilingual Filipino (YS)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual French (YA)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual German (YB)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Greek (YC)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Hebrew (YJ)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Italian (YH)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Japanese (YT)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Korean (YN)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Polish (YI)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Russian (YE)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Servo-Croatian/Bosnian (YO)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Spanish (YF)   [K12] 

  • Bilingual Vietnamese (YM)   [K12] 

Special Education (Coming Soon)  

  • Cognitive Impairment (SA)   [K12]

  • Emotional Impairment (SE) [K12]

  • Learning Disabilities (SM)   [K12]

  • Physical or Other Health Impaired (SC) [K12]

    • NOTE: Only available if you currently hold a standard certificate or higher OR if you hold an Interim Certification and have completed all required coursework in your initial #T.E.A.C.H. General Education program​.

Business Education  

  • Business Management Marketing Technology (GQ)   [Secondary]

Career & Technical Education  

  • Family And Consumer Sciences (KH)  [Secondary]

**These endorsement areas require an elementary endorsement.

***English as a Second Language requires a core content endorsement


****Library/Media is only offered to individuals who have a prior degree in Library Science with no teaching certificate or to individuals who have a teaching certificate with an ND endorsement that wish to expand the grade range of the ND.

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