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About D100 – Teaching in a Digital Environment


Teaching in a digital learning environment is different, but the principles of effective teaching are not. Teachers can still maintain the teaching practices or pedagogy they want, if they understand how to teach online.

That’s what this course is about. It provides an understanding of the key elements of effective tools and effective online teaching practices, provides guidance on how to engage students and parents, and how to assess real learning.

This course will help teachers:

  • Evaluate their own level of digital competency

  • Understand and address the common obstacles every teacher faces in becoming an effective online instructor

  • Quickly assess the effectiveness of online learning tools

  • Engage in focused and enriching education of children

  • Describe the relationship between constructivist learning theory & digital learning


Becoming a good teacher in a digital environment doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a learning experience. Using the strategies and best practices contained in this course will give you a head-start.


Please note: The course is self-paced.  Michigan teachers can apply for SCECH Credit.  CEU credits are available for all others if your school administrator or district administration grants credit for the work done. The clock hours designed into the course are 12. Each person must ask their principal or district administrator whether they will accept the work for credit when reporting credit work to the district. You can provide the certificate that is available after you have finished the course as proof of completion.

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